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We have a range of layflat hose reel winders including skid-mounted power-driven winders, trailor-mounted power-driven winders, power-driven reels and robotic tracked winders.

Hose Winders for Various Terrains

We provide fully designed and engineered layflat hose winders for a range of terrains and operational requirements from landfill deployment units to waste water hose deployment and retrieval system incorporating self-contained high pressure spray arrays to ensure the recovered hose is cleaned and properly coil for storage.

The robustly built, structural steel support frames are welded to the highest standard to resist warpage and distortion.

Lay Flat Hose Reel Winder Functions

The Layflat Hose Trailor Winder is a Dual Reel, Trailer Mounted unit for the transport, storing, laying and retrieval of lay flat hose reel.  Both reels being able to operate independently and each reel has the capacity to handle 100m of 200mm layflat.  The Layflat Hose Trailor Winder is powered by dual Italian electric motors and an onboard diesel generator.  The trailer has heavy-duty structural steel construction and an integrated high-pressure hose washer system.  The unit is RTA and mine compliant.

Please ring us for a quote on our existing layflat hose deployment and retrival winders. Hose reels and winders can be manufactured in various sizes and capacities for the most arduous services from slurry to high discharge pressures.  Roll-a-Pipe P/L can design and deliver a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.