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About Us


Layflat Hose Co. specialise in the design, manufacture and sales of large diameter layflat hose, hose reels and power-driven hose winders.
Our power-driven, layflat hose winders and reels are engineered from high quality materials to ensure that they will operate reliably in all
types of services environments and with a wide range of fluid types.

Large-diameter layflat hose enables fast deployment and rapid high volume de-watering for mining and other projects. Also it provides a
convenient means of transferring water from waste water ponds and lagoons.

The hose is made from either PVC, polyurethane or nitrile rubber with a woven textile fabric based on high tenacity polyester) ensures
consistent high pressure ratings.

The layflat hose comes in a range of diameters from 6, 8, 10 and up to 12 . The 8 inch hose allows a maximum flow rate of an
astonishing 110 litres per sec.

Large-diameter layflat hose has the following benefits and advantages:

low volume coil for storage and transport
easy to deploy and retrive (no fusion welding required)
conforms to undulating and rough terrain
available in long continuous length (> 200 m)
easily repairable
UV stabilized

Our layflat discharge hose and specialized hose winders can be used for
water removal, pit and quarry dewatering, water supply, or solids removal.
Customized flotation platforms are also available. Our power-driven, layflat
winders feature a on board generators, high torque electric motors and
integrated high pressure spray washers to ensure the recovered layflat
hose is clean and decontaminated.