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We manufacture and sell a range of large-diameter layflat hose (LDLH) for industrial and mining applications.

We sell three main types of LDLH:
PVC (low to medium pressure)
Polyurethane (outstanding abrasion resistant for drag hose)
Nitrile (outstanding chemical and heat resistance)

Large diameter layflat hose is ideal to move large volumes of water over long distances.  We can supply a mobile, layflat hose solution, offering many advantages over rigid pipe.  It is available in 8, 10 and 12” sizes, a typical 10” system will transfer 10,000 litres/minute of water down a 1000 metre length with a pressure drop of only 2 bar.

LD layflat hose is available in continuous lengths of up to 100 metres and can be supplied on either slave reels or power-driven reels and transported on trailers. Steel pipe, which comes in much shorter lengths, must be transported on large flatbed trucks or their equivalent.

LD layflat hose can be used anywhere there is a temporary need to move large quantities of water over long distances, quickly and reliably such as where water Main By-pass or water channel bypass is required when refurbishment of mains infrastructure is necessary.  LD layflat hose is deployed significantly faster than rigid pipe and due to its flexible nature hugs the contours of the ground making it ideal for rough terrains.

Since LD layflat hose is available in long continuous lengths it can be quickly deployed and retrieved using a wide variety of systems including trailor-mounted reels and power-driven reels on skids.  The high flexibility and kink resistance allows natural ground contours to be followed without putting stress on the pipeline and eliminates expensive path-cutting work. Fewer joints and faster connections mean reduced labour and equipment costs.

LD layflat hose is designed for long life and maintenance free service in even the harshest environments such as mines, landfills and quarries. It is tough and durable with exceptional resistance to abrasion and cutting for use on a wide variety of ground conditions. It does not suffer from corrosion or scaling problems associated with rigid steel piping. Nitrile LD layflat hose has excellent resistance to heat, fuels, chemicals, UV, ozone, weathering, hydrolysis, and microbiological attack.

Advantages of large-diameter layflat hose: beside being easy to transport and store in coiled form, large-diameter layflat hose brings advantages in terms of increased flow rates. When fluids are pumped down any kind of hose pressure energy is lost through friction with the hose wall and via turbulence caused by fittings and other factors that may disrupt the flow. Increasing the diameter of the hose can dramatically reduce this pressure loss – a 1% increase in diameter produces a 5% reduction in pressure loss.